Une Belle Histoire

The name of our house is derived from Michel Fugain’s song Une belle histoire.

The house was built in 1650 and used to be a presbytery. The story goes that the inhabitants had to flee during the French Revolution (1789). They left behind a still undiscovered treasury…During the twentieth century our Belle Histoire belonged to a French family. Since 1 July 2011 we have been the owners of this lovely house.

Une Belle Histoire lies in a park-like garden of about 2.5 acres with splendid views, two well-springs, a streamlet and a pond and is situated along the border of the village Cussy-en-Morvan. This typically French rural village is a gem in the slanting hills of the protected landscape area of Le Morvan in the Bourgogne. It is an 6 hour's drive from Calais.

We have two apartments for rent on the first floor of the house. It is the part that used to be the living of the retired clergymen.

We should like to give you a hearty welcome in our dwelling and we shall guarantee you the most splendid holidays. We are familiar with the vicinity and are therefore able to give you diverse suggestions to spend a marvellous time in 'Une Belle Histoire'.

Bienvenue à 'Une Belle Histoire'

Frans van Pinxteren & Aukje Lock