Surroundings and activities

Nature, culture, sports, dining, wine tasting...
There are countless possibilities to spend a marvellous time in the Morvan.

  • Lac des Settons (ca 9.3 miles = 15 km) en Lac de Pannecière (ca 17.4 miles = 28 km): water recreation and picknicking.
  • Walking & hiking, motor and mountain biking.
  • Golf, tennis, bowling ca 14 miles (= 22 km)
  • Horse riding, canoeing, angling.
  • Neighbouring places of interest: Autun, Avallon, Beaune, Chalon s/Saone, Dijon, Saulieu, Vezelay.
  • Old Bourgogne wine caves and vineyards with a great selection to taste and buy (destinations > 29 miles = ca 46 km)
  • Museums, castles, fairs and brocantes
  • Celtic excavations in Bibracte ca 21 miles (34 km)
  • The greatest Buddha temple in Europe ca 32 miles (52 km)
  • The Emmaüs recycled goods store with an amazing selection of articles ca 22 miles (36 km)
  • Gouloux Waterfall ca 15 miles (24 km)
  • Amusement & activity park in Toulon-sur-Arroux ca 36 miles (58 km)
  • Many big and small restaurants in which they serve authentic, regional dishes. The best prime rib steak ‘entrecôte’ and the pride of Morvan you can eat at the White Charolais Cow: 'le Charolais'.

In the apartment you will find a binder with extensive information about the pastime possibilities in the neighbourhood.